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We offer high quality nail primers, fitting various manicure techniques. At our web store you will find products dedicated to hybrid, gel and acrylic manicure in several volumes. You can order acid free and acid based nail primers of great effectiveness. We aim to meet the requirements of every customer - available products will satisfy both beginners and professional nail technicians. 

Nail primer - what is it?

This specific product has degreasing properties and impacts the change of nail's pH. It increases the adhesion, preparing the nail plate for hybrid or acrylic application. A good primer should successfully prevent airlocking effect, thus increasing manicure durability letting you enjoy your beautiful stylization much longer. 

How to choose the right primer?

It is important to select primers depending on nail plate's type. Women suffering from hormonal problems should choose acidic based. It is also recommended for nail plates with excessive sweating. Due to it's acidity, it may irritate delicate skin a bit, especially when in contact with cuticles. The much milder acid free primer will work for women with regular nail plate and no health problems. 

Primer should also adjusted to manicure technique. While the acidic based primer will work with hybrid manicure, the acid free one is better suited for acrylics and gels. 

How to use it?

Primers are generally easy to use. But before you use one of them, make sure to prepare the nail plate accordingly. It is important to matte and degrease it using a cleaner before primer. The primer itself should be applied only to the nail plate - avoid contact with cuticles surrounding the nail. Apply the acid based primer pointwise. It will spread itself on the nail and later dry on its own. When using acid-free primer, apply it painting the nail plate with a brush - just like with a regular lacquer. It will leave a distinctive glow. Let it dry for a minute before applying subsequent layers of manicure. Remember, primers don't need UV or LED curing, instead dry on their own. They also shouldn't be washed with any cleaner - they may lose their properties after doing so.

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